Cables and what you should know

Unfortunately the end consumer is let down by the market and legislation when it comes to ensuring an adequate value for your money. In both the low-price and the high-price segment, the cable market is in a bleak condition Of course there are cables which provide a very good value for money, even in the high-price segment, but that is so rare as to be almost negligible. It is easy for me to offer you cables which are 80% cheaper and can still offer a better sound experience, but at the same time I can show you high-price cabling that is worth every cent. Therefore I am a big fan of listening comparisons, and it has always been possible, no matter what the customer had paid, to show him the difference ! In my opinion this is insane because it cannot be true that a customer comes to me with cables to the value of €500 - €30,000 and I create a better sound pattern at 20-40% of the cost!


In recent years it has become fashionable to use the precious metal rhodium. The only advantage of rhodium is its abrasion resistance, but what good is this when the electrical resistance to copper and silver is four times as high and the conductivity of rhodium is one third of the conductivity of copper and silver, in particular since nobody plugs the connector in and out hundreds of times? You do not need the increased abrasion resistance. The production of such products is not understandable if you only want to manufacture plug-in connectors for the sake of sound optimisation. Unfortunately people have other interests as well. Sound optimisation and rhodium do not go together. So stay well clear of rhodium contacts!


A&O USOTAR and Kimber Cable

Ideally, cables have the task of transporting the signal without having an impact on the signal. It is clear that cables do not have their own sound but serve as neutral conductors. That is exactly what almost all cables are not capable of!!

 The only cable manufacturer in the world is Kimber Cable!

 All other cables on the market have been purchased, in particular from the Far East, and are launched on the market with different visual features so that the end consumer has to rely on the presentations by the providers and his subjective perception when purchasing cabling. Kimber Cable have a unique selling point, and they have understood what it needs to reach this ideal. Therefore we use the copper cable Kimber Select.

 For loudspeaker cables the KS 6063, AF Chinch / XLR cables the KS  1016, KS1116 for USOTAR 3.0 and 2.0, the KS1018, KS1118 for USOTAR 1.0 .

It took me years to be able to manufacture the absolute cable. An important thing you need to know is that the conductor material is subject to a sound colour, so there is no such thing as a neutral sound pattern. Whether you are using pure silver, pure copper or silver-plated copper, none of these cables can fully distance itself from the sound colour belonging to the material. That is why I decided to develop an ideal neutral conductor. It is a hybrid cable consisting of Kimber Select pure copper conductors Solidcore AWG25 in the highest copper quality available, Select Pure, and our Solidcore silver/gold signal conductors, dielectric Teflon, which are connected to each other.

We melt the precious metals gold and silver and use 99% silver and 1% gold. The sound difference is incredible and shows that the silver/gold alloy is the best conductor.

However, the best possible signal conductor quality alone is not enough. A decisive factor of a cable is the isolator, also called dielectric. After all, what use is the best signal conductor if we build in a filter with the dielectric, technically known as transition resistance? In most cables the resistance is so high that only 40-60% of the signal can be made audible; every PVC dielectric is capable of doing that. The best dielectric is V Teflon! All Kimber Select cables are manufactured with it; best dielectric, best / purest copper, it does not get any better than that, and only Kimber Cable can provide this production quality! 

Another factor is Kimber RFI VARISTRANDä braiding technology and X38 TS/VI special core, ESD yarn. Now everybody must realise that when designing a world reference cable you need far more research and insights than you would think.

 The connection of copper and silver/gold is the idealisation when you know what is needed!!! There is no provider of Powercord cables or signal cables who is able to provide the visual quality and sound quality of an A&O USotAR ideal neutral conductor cable!


Ultimate State of the Art reference


The Absolute Revolution:

in the areas of: power cord, speaker cable, audio NF cable Chinch or XLR as well

Phono, Digital cable we manufacture in the qualities:

Signal cables in RCA or XLR I offer you in three qualities USotAR 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0

All other cables: Digital, phono, power, speakers are basically made in the highest quality 1.0!

 USOTAR 1.0 audio cable price 1.0m Stereo  €9.700 Chinch or XLR

 +/- 10 Stereo cm €700

 USOTAR 2.0 audio cable price 1.0m Stereo €7.700  Chinch or XLR

+/- 10 Stereo cm €500

 USOTAR 3.0 audio cable price 1.0m Stereo €5.700  Chinch or XLR

+/- 10 Stereo cm €300

 USOTAR 1.0 loudspeaker cable price 2.5m Stereo €22.700 banana plug

+/- 10 Stereo cm €800

 USOTAR 1.0 Digital SPDIF: price 1.0m €4.700 Chinch or XLR

+/- 10 cm €350

 USOTAR 1.0 Phono price  1.0 m Stereo €4.200  Chinch or XLR

+/- 10 Stereo cm €250

 USOTAR 1.0 power cable price 1.0m  €3.770 in-house cold-device plug/coupling

+/- 10cm €200

  USotAR Hydra is the highest quality of power supply as the best power cords over star wiring are the highest in quality of power supply! Here is just an example: 2.0m supply cable with power

plug and 5 x outlet 1,2m with power connector plug €20.870

So you can calculate the price of your desired Hydra: Hydra production and know how €4.470, - .

Plus each 10cm 200, - € so you expect cable total length consisting of supply line with power plug and outlet with power connector plug in my example would be 5 x 1.2m and 1 x 2.0 m = 8.2m times €200  = €16,400 + Hydra / Know How €4.470, - € = €20.870


Through direct sale I am able to offer you very moderate

prices because there is no distributor’s margin.

 A&O USotAR 1.0 symmetrical powercord cable structure from left to right = from inside to outside: silver/gold Solidcore conductor, Kimber Tex Flex yarn, OFC copper shield,

Kimber Tex Flex yarn, Kimber Select pure copper conductor, OFC shield, Kimber Tex Flex yarn.

 A&O USOTAR 1.0 Hydra in star connection - version for direct connection to power Distributor



A&O USotAR 2.0 XLR / Chinch

A&O USotAR 2.0 Solidcore Copper SilverGold Strands.

For customers who do not wish to buy the Absolute Reference cabling I can offer you all the cables that are needed such as AF cables, phono, digital, loudspeaker, USB and power cables in original Kimber Cable or in A&O Kimber Cable revised design. The goal is that the cable chain remains on the same high quality level and that you can enjoy listening to music. From a sound as well as a price perspective, Kimber Cable provide the best products for you! However, you should know that the minimum prices for high-quality cabling are the following, if you get them from me and do not only want to know for sure that you have the best cabling for your money but also that you will get an audiophile high-end cabling from me!!!

  A&O Ultimate  Hybrid RCA / XLR Cable 1.0m Stereo depending on the version €750 to €4.700

Kimber Timbre4 RCA / XLR Cable 1.0m Stereo with ETI Research Chinch Plug €500, -

Speaker cable 2 x 2.5m stereo depending on the version €870, to €9.300, -

Digital cable 1.0m                               €550

 Phono cable 2x1.0m Chinch Stereo    €450

  Power cable 1.0m  depending on the Version  €350 to €750

 Please contact me if you have any questions.