Privacy Statement

We are glad about your interest in our homepage. The protection of your privacy is very important to us. Please find below information about how we use your data.

 Access data

You can visit our websites. For each visitor browsing a website, the web server merely stores a so-called server logfile automatically which contains e.g. the name of the requested data, your IP address, the name and time of access, data volume transferred and the requesting provider (access data) and which documents the access. We do not collect any personally identifiable data and do not pass on any data and there are no newsletters or cookies. We only use our homepage as an electronical catalogue, so there is no online trading and you as a customer have no option to transmit personally identifiable data.

 Please note that e-mail addresses from customer inquiries will not be passed on.

 This website uses the product Google Maps by Google Inc. By using this website you consent to the collection, processing and use of the automatically gathered data by Google Inc., their representatives and third parties. The terms of use of Google Maps.

 Since we are talking about high-quality music reproduction, every customer needs to visit our premises so that I can deliver and guarantee high-quality work. Invoices are issued without names or addresses. Your anonymity will be preserved. Goods that have been purchased will be collected by the customer himself or delivered and connected / installed by us personally.